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best of Merchandising

Many great products and gimmicks have been made since 2014 to promote the project.
Every purchase in the store supports the Spacehasen project. The assortment is constantly expanded and changed.

Cell phone cases

Stylish protective case

The protective case protects the phone from scratches, scrapes and bumps, but at the same time is comfortable in the hand. Extremely durable and scratch-resistant all-around printing.

All access points, controls and both cameras as well as camera flash remain fully accessible.

Fuel of the Spacehasen

An isotonic drink with lemon grapefruit flavor.

Peppermint pastilles

Printed tinplate can

Contents: sugar-free peppermint pastilles with the Spacehasen star as imprint.


The collections from 2014 to 2020: women’s, men’s and children’s t-shirts in premium quality with Spacehasen motifs.

Sticky notes

Everyone knows them, everyone uses them: the sticky note. Whether at home or in the office, sticky note pads are a practical everyday companion. The sticky notes are suitable for notes, messages, hints, as a memory aid or even as a shopping list.


Puzzle with 500 or 300 pieces,
4 different designs

This puzzle is a perfect introduction to the world of large puzzles and a nice challenge for the whole family. The unique puzzle pieces fit perfectly into each other and thanks to the handmade punching tools, the variety of shapes of the puzzle pieces is unsurpassed.

Exclusive cardboard and fine, textured paper ensure incomparable puzzle pleasure in the highest Ravensburger® quality.


For the launch into the universe there was a special feature: stamps for the Spacehasen mail.


The deceptively real tattoos are printed exclusively with skin-friendly inks and adhesives. The adhesive tattoos can therefore be applied to children’s skin without any concerns.