March 28, 2016

Recording session at the Vienna Konzerthaus.

Bernhard Philipp Eder and the Tonzauber Studio Orchestra at the recording session in the Tonzauber Studios (Vienna Konzerthaus).

The search for suitable music began at a very early stage of the Spacehasen project with high demands on the composer – after all, he was supposed to orientate himself on compositions by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Miklós Rózsa, Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams.

In 2012 Clio Montrey composed the first musical impression for clarinet, bass clarinet, horn, harp, violin and double bass based on a still very vague plot. A version for cello and piano followed in 2014 (released digitally as: “Clio Montrey, Spacehasen, feat. Liina Leijala”).

For scheduling reasons, Bernhard Philipp Eder was commissioned with the composition in 2015. When I heard a first taste of his talent, the recordings for his latest film score “Daydreamer”, I was completely convinced that Bernhard would be up to the task.

© Photos courtesy of Norman Vaughan

Video of the recording session:

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