August 11, 2012

The first notes:

In 2012, composer Clio Montrey and producer Reinhard Peschorn met in person for the first time in a Viennese café to discuss the music of the Spacehasen. The two had exchanged information about the project in advance via e-mail. Since there was an interest in film music and science fiction literature on both sides, there was a common basis for conversation. The project was in a very early phase and there was no thought of a concrete trailer yet. But since the core of the story and the characters were there, they both decided to create a musical mood piece based on that.

A few weeks later, Clio Montrey’s new piece was ready for a test recording.

The recording session took place in a private apartment with colleagues of the composer. Here you can see the video recording:

Portraitfoto Clio Montrey: © Christabel Lin

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